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Our Team

Our team is led by a dedicated founder and director, ensuring strategic leadership and expert guidance in all endeavors.



    The founder of Kamal & Co. Advocates, Mr Kamaluddin Ahmad, with his sheer grit, perseverance and vast experience in different legal sectors has made Kamal & Co. Advocates as one of the foremost and most sought after law firm in Bangalore.

    In 2000, he started with his private chamber, Kamal Associates in Mangalore. His father was an Administrative Officer in Mangalore Judicial Court, which made Mr Kamal very enthusiastic in law field and made him adamant to become a profound advocate.

    With the concept of bringing `entire legal services` under one roof, Kamal Associates was renamed to Kamal & Co. Advocates in 2009 and started his practicing at Bangalore High Court, District and other Courts.

    With the knowledge amassed by persistently and tirelessly working in different legal field combined with his unique style of work in complete legal sectors, he is very successful and recognized in legal Profession



    Mr. M Husain is the director of Kamal & Co. Advocates, the leading law firm in Bangalore. Mr M Husain has been instrumental in expanding and flourishing firm`s purpose to serve clients with trust, loyalty, collaboration and success. He brings in his vast multinational experience in different industries. Mr M Husain has been the driving force behind the huge success of Kamal & Co. advocate and has a substantial plan of establishing offices at different cities in India.